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Account Consolidation.

Account Consolidation

We work with clients to get multiple accounts consolidated to the maximum extent possible. Accounts that we consolidate include:

  • Current Employer Retirement Accounts (401K, 403B, SE-401K, Deferred Compensation Accounts, DB Accounts)

  • Pre-Tax Retirement Accounts –> Traditional IRA

  • Post-Tax Retirement Accounts –> Roth IRA

  • Taxed Brokerage and Savings Accounts –> DCM Tax Efficient Account

Putting Every Dollar to Work.

DCM is committed to maximizing investment gains, so it is important to work with each client to get as many funds as possible growing with reasonable expected rates of return. This process involves

  • Shopping for the best (cheapest) possible sources of credit.

  • Creating an emergency fund strategy where the emergency fund assets have a reasonably good chance for capital appreciation.

Savings Plans.

Savings Plans

Prioritized Savings Plans

Evaluate investment savings options based on these considerations:

  • Free Money (employer match)

  • Tax Breaks Going In

  • Tax Free Coming Out

  • Duration of Tax Advantages

  • Projected Growth Rates

  • Flexibility

College Savings

Coverdall ESAs are the best college savings plan, but the contribution limit is only $2,000 per year.

For 529 plans, the quality varies a great deal state to state.  We can provide advice on which state provides the best plans for your children.

Healthcare Savings Accounts

HSAs are a rare opportunity to get a tax break going in, grow tax free, and get a tax break going out.  They can be used for qualified medical expenses.

Wealth Planning.

Wealth Planning

Retirement Plan Advice.

Planning your future is important.  DCM can provide advice on Traditional, Roth, and SEP IRAs, Self-Employed 401Ks, and Defined Benefit Plans.

IRA Conversions.

DCM can provide advice on when it makes sense to convert to a Roth IRA or an SE-401K.

Multi-Generational Wealth Optimization.

DCM can help you plan IRA withdrawals and designate IRA beneficiaries to minimize taxes.  We can also start young adults on the right path for wealth accumulation.

IRA Rollovers.

DCM can help you consolidate accounts, from current and former employers, for the best service and lowest management fees.

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