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Aggressive Trading

This is the most aggressive separately managed IRA product offered by DCM LLC.  Our aggressive trading accounts have multiple appearances in the Lipper best managers survey.  Aggressive trading accounts have incentive allocation fees and are available to high net worth investors.  The Douglas Falcon Fund LP is a pooled investment managed using the aggressive strategy.

IRA Accounts

IRA Accounts

Focused Trading

This is the most aggressive IRA account available for non-high net worth investors.  These accounts have a flat management fee.

Dynamic Asset Allocation

These are our least aggressive IRA accounts.  They have had multiple appearances in Lipper Best Managers.  These can be customized to further limit investment risk, and their management fee is on a sliding scale based on the size of each account.

IRA Asset Allocation

Assets held in all three accounts are similar, but the proportions in the accounts differ.  The aggressive accounts hold a larger portion of the high-risk/high-reward assets while the dynamic asset allocation accounts hold a higher portion of the less volatile assets.

Tax Efficient Accounts

Tax Efficient Accounts

Clients choose the risk profile of this type of account up front: Very Conservative, Conservative, Moderate, Aggressive, and Very Aggressive.

We purchase a wide variety of assets in long portfolio and sell a wide variety of assets in a short portfolio.  Both the long and short are optimized for return/risk.  These accounts accumulate unrealized gains, and realize losses.  We try to minimize realizing short term capital gains.  These accounts also accumulate interest expenses that can be used to offset income from bond coupons and stock dividends.

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