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Douglas Capital Management, LLC

In Firmwide Assets Under Management

Clients in 15 states


Years of quantitative investing experience

A Unique Approach to Investing.

Exploiting inefficiencies

We find inefficiencies that lead to overvalued or undervalued assets and utilize them to generate excess returns.

Capturing excess returns

We pursue investments in domestic markets, foreign markets, index ETFs, futures, and more to capture excess returns.

Utilizing Time and Technology

We work with clients to accumulate as much wealth as possible between now and retirement.  We use technology to perform analysis and make decisions faster than humans ever could.

Personalized Investment Products.

IRA Products

We offer three different Individual Retirement Account products.  They take on varying levels of risk.

Tax Efficient Products

These accounts can be customized to fit different investment strategies.  They are designed to minimize the client's tax burden.

Specialized Services.

Account Consolidation

DCM helps clients consolidate their accounts to the maximum extent possible.

Savings Plans

We help our clients decide what kind of savings plans are right for them.

Wealth Planning

From IRA conversions to building multi-generational wealth, we help our clients plan for the future.

Proven Performance.

We have a proven track record of performance, including consistent appearances in Lipper Top Money Managers.

Contact Us

If you have questions or would like to learn more, please contact us.

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